The Angel

Home, UK Tuesday, 13 September 2011 11.55pm BST

Gliding along the dark tarmac

Colour coded with the blanket above

The silver disk acting as torchlight

The road was long and winding

Eyes heavy

Energy levels low

Encouraging words

Light at the end of the tunnel

And then the angel sang her sweet song.


5 Replies to “The Angel”

  1. Welcome our sweet Angel 🙂

    Lots of blessings to you, just as you are a blessing to us.

    May your journey be full of peace, joy and love, spreading happiness to this world,

    You have been long awaited but have come with contentment that touches us all.

    Thanks to your parents for this joy that they bring – many congratulations we sing,

    Stay in harmony and continue to show them bliss, for they too are very special to us, mentioning we can not miss.

    Dear little Angel, we love you and always will,

    You are special, we know within.


  2. A very apt, so touching n such a lovely missive . . . for our very special ”Angel”. !!
    Really befitting d arrival our precious . . . . God Bless U !

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