A year later…

OneWorld Lounge, Los Angeles Airport ;; Monday 13 October, 2014 @ 21:48 PDT (ie, Tuesday 14 October, 2014 @ 05:48am BST)

Sitting here waiting for my flight back to London. It has been an interesting couple of weeks since I arrived here… partly relaxation and partly work, with the tail end full on work (a DNS-OARC 2.5 days Workshop with 160+attendees and it’s social event – a poolside surf/tiki themed night at the Beverly Hilton, Beverly Hills).

Full on means exactly that – no time to think about anything else.

As I am sitting here waiting to catch my flight in quiet contemplation, the thoughts come pouring in. It is exactly a year today to a major change in my life. Sort of expected it would happen at some point, but still came as a major shock. I still remember details. I was there on the Sunday, said my goodbyes and off I headed for the long drive back home. During the drive back there was something on my mind. It is like I knew something was going to happen. I already had a bad feeling.

In less than 24 hours I got the call. I was driving at the time. I already sort of knew what it was about. I picked up the phone and my fears were confirmed. My mind all over the place. Not knowing what to think… at the same time being very sad.. holding back the tears.

He went a year ago around the time this blog is timestamped above.

Within a few hours I was back up in the North, calling all my work related contacts en-route that I was not going to be available for a week or even two weeks.. I did not know.. and the whole of the next week was a whirlwind of feeling numb, trying to get through things which needed to be done (oh the paperwork.. so much paperwork, and meeting with people who are coming to visit) and trying to stay strong for everyone else.

Being the eldest I had certain responsibilities, however I am glad my brother and sister were around to keep me sane.. my brother being my rock during this time. How he coped during that time I still have no idea – especially as I found it hard.

My flight is about to take off now, and I may or may not write more about this. I just wish him peace… I miss him… a lot.