Another year.. Another Movember

36,000 Feet/6.8 miles/10.97 km above sea level, somewhere between Madrid and London.

Monday 31 October, 2011          5.45pm CET

Well, it’s that time of year when the nights are closing in, the days are much cooler and the shops are already in full swing for the Christmas shopping period.

It is also the time of year when Movember is looming.. Starting tomorrow.

Readers of my blog will remember that I took part in Movember last year… the first time I did so… to raise money for prostate cancer charities. For those of you whom are not aware.. Movember = Mo (ie moustache) + November.

So, I started off 1 November clean shaven, and then grew a tache for the rest of the month… and that look has lasted a whole year.. not a day has passed in the last year where I have been without a tache…

So, here is the look as of this morning.. Pic was taken just before my flight from Lisbon was about to take off:

Tomorrow morning I will be clean shaven and will grow a moustache for the rest of the month… Now, what type of tache shall I grow? Any ideas? I have something in mind that was a suggestion and I am most likely to go with that.. and to see how it shapes up you will just have to come back to this blog every single day.. oh yes… just like last year, I will be updating my blog with a picture of my tache every single day.

If anyone has any suggestions for the type of moustache then please comment here.. Will be great to see the types of moustache you like.

I remember a quote from the Indian film, “Sharaabi”.. “मूछे हो तो नत्थू लाल जैसी हो वर्ना ना हो” (Transliterated: Moochhe ho to Nathhu Lal jaisi ho varna na ho), (translated: If there is to be a moustache, it should be just like Mr Nathhu Lal’s or else not exist at all).

Now I would love to be able to grow a tache like that but my facial hair is not that thick.. here is a pic of Mr Nathhu Lal:

I would also love to grow a tache like in the pic below from one of the walls on the beach in Carcavelos, Portugal.. again, my facial hair is not thick enough:

Even birds have started keeping moustaches!

Anyway.. this is all for a charitable cause, for research into better cures for this type of cancer… it is a lot more common than you may think.

So, please donate via the link below.. even if it is 1 GBP, or 1 Euro, or 1 Dollar.. Please donate something.. it’s the little bits all put together that make a big difference.. you may donate via my Mo Space on the Movember site at:

I raised just under £1000 last year during Movember 2010, thanks to the generosity of my readers and family and friends. I hope you can all help me raise much more than that this year… I will put the total amount raised so far on the blog every day.

And with that, I bid you all a good evening and a happy and scary Halloween… Or Witches Day as they call it in Portugal.. here is my look for the day.. 😉