Movember 2011… Day 10

Home, UK          Thursday 10 November, 2011          11.30pm GMT

Donations for Movember gladly accepted at

The “Mo” is coming on nicely… you will notice a bit of a change compared to yesterday too.

I wanted to write about my experiences a couple of days ago but have to postpone it until at least tomorrow. Been a hectic day (gosh, the traffic this afternoon heading back from london – horrendous. A 45 minute trip took me 3 hours!), and I have been preparing for my next trip that starts tomorrow.

Funny how the blog posting I wrote on 10 November last year also spoke about heading out on travels the day after. 🙂

Well, £100 raised so far (this time last year it was £165).. so I am already behind.. so please please please dip your hands into your pockets and donate something.

I hope more of you can support my “Mo” growth by donating (even if it is just £1 / $1 / €1) to the Prostate Cancer charity via my Mo Space at

My love, as always…