Please allow me to thank you for visiting this web site and convey how honoured I am by your presence in joining me on this journey of discovery.


Over the years, I have been involved in many different business areas.†That said, my personal interests have always involved travelling to new places, learning about other cultures, seeing how people live and studying different societies. Oh and not forgetting trying the different delicacies.


All human beings, regardless of where they live on this planet, have the same basic needs. We all have the same physical attributes. We all need to eat and drink to survive. We all need to be loved in some way. We all seem to have a purpose. The “end goal” is always the same.


With this in mind, it intrigues me that people in different parts of the world seem to live differently, have seemingly different values and traditions, yet have the same fears about life in general and the same prejudices about “others”.


Anyway, some of my postings on this site will be about people. †Those postings will be intended for exploring the various strategies and tools people use to live their life. It is to share our thoughts and experiences, to show others how each individual one of us goes about living our lives to the fullest.

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