In addition to the numerous people who have influenced me throughout my life, I have been influenced by many of the texts I have read by various authors. Below are links to many of these authors, visionaries and books. This page is a ‘work in progress’ and I will add more over time.

Tony Robbins – An extremely impressive motivational speaker and author who ensures you take action to make the necessary changes in your life.

Deepak Chopra – Brings out the spiritual self. Another speaker and author of numerous books.

Robin Sharma – A speaker and author of numerous books who mixes the motivational with the spiritual. Author of the brilliant book – The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

Paulo Coelho – This links section could not be complete without Paulo Coelho. An inspirational writer whose books each contain a message for the reader to work out for themselves. His most famous book “The Alchemist” is a must read, but one must also read his other texts. The web site contains some free downloads of stories.

Richard Carlson – Author of the famous and ‘must read’ books “Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff” and “Stop Thinking & Start Living”

Susan Jeffers – Author of the book “Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway”

John Gray – Author of the “Men are from Mars Women are from Venus” series of books.

Noam Chomsky

Michael Moore

George Mobiot

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