Movember 2010… Day 25 & Re-thinking Cancer

Home, UK     25 November, 2010     5.30pm GMT

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First, a Happy Thanksgiving to all my American brethren.

Today I am going to rock the boat a bit and say “Cancer is life”.

I’d like us to think about this.. I’d like us to think about cancer in a different way so that we may understand it better.

In no way am I dismissing the pain and suffering caused by it. In no way am I dismissing all those people who suffer or have suffered with it directly or indirectly. Cancer is a real problem.

However, let’s turn this on it’s head… what is cancer? Is it not mutated cells that are just multiplying, just as cells are meant to? Cells are living things… they multiply and grow in number… non-mutated or mutated, that is what they do. It is natural… it is life.

So, the cell has mutated for a reason… most likely it has mutated as an evolutionary process. Something within the body has changed that means the cells in their normal state can no longer survive.. it could be a lack of oxygen in that area for example. So, the cell evolves to survive in that new environment… it evolves, and it splits into two which then splits into four and so on.. the cell in it’s new evolved self is just doing what it is meant to.. grow and multiply… and it takes over because it is survival of the fittest.

So what causes a change of environment within our bodies? For one, we ourselves are the main cause due to our habits. It could be smoking for example. There are also external factors which could cause this… pollution for example. There are many reasons.

Have you noticed how these causes are man-made or influenced by humans? Some within personal control, some out of our control.

I’ll be the first to admit not knowing much about treatments for cancer. Of course, I have heard of radiotherapy and chemotherapy. However to me these seem to be the zapping up of the cancerous cells (and in the process of doing so, zapping some of the good cells too) rather than going to the root cause of the cancer… ie fixing the environment within which these cells thrive. Of course, when the cancer it at a late stage then the zapping up is the right thing to do… but what preventative measures do the various health services take? What measures are in place to prevent the thriving of mutated cells?

Anyone able to comment on this to assist with increasing my knowledge in this area?

Today’s pictorial update…

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