Movember 2011… Day 2

Vienna, AT          Wednesday 2 November, 2011          10pm CET

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I travelled to Vienna this morning for the RIPE meeting. I was a participant on a panel discussion about ENUM (Electronic “Telephony” Numbering) and I was given autonomy to guide the discussion… and oh boy, was I direct with some of the questions I posed. 😉

So, as I arrive at the conference venue, I go to the registration desk and look around for people that I know. Quite a few walked past me as though they did not know me.. I shrugged it off as them being busy and thought I would catch up with them later.

However this was a recurring theme. Lots of people I have known for years were simply either walking past me or doing a double-take before realising it was me.

Apparently, my ‘look’ is different… so different that people did not recognise me until they really looked. Firstly, people commented that my facial hair had disappeared.. secondly, my hair is longer than when they last say me, and finally my specs.

Small differences and a large change in the way I look. Hahaha. I wonder how it would have been if I had added a pair of green contact lenses in my eyes. 😉

I started writing this on my iPhone in a Jazz club, however I noticed there was no signal in the club, so had to save this for sending later.. and I note it is now the ‘day after’ the posting is supposed to be meant for.

Oh well, nothing can be done to rectify that now. The article will be posted when I am back in my hotel room.

Today’s pic:


The stubble is still too short for me to do anything with a Mo.. so one more day of not shaving anything at all off my face. More later (for Day 3).

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