Movember 2011… Day 11

Lisbon, Portugal          Friday 11 November, 2011          11pm WET

Donations for Movember gladly accepted at

My travels bring me to Lisbon for my new business. The travel today was not the easiest.. delayed flights, transferred flights which were themselves delayed, and then rush hour traffic once I got to Lisbon.

I am tired and can not do much justice to things I wanted to write about.. so will have to once again postpone until tomorrow.. sorry, sorry, sorry.

The “Mo” as of this evening looks like:

I am quite surprised no one stopped me at the airport at both ends to do a ‘random’ check.. the facial hair does look quite cunning. 😉

Anyway.. running total in donations is exactly the same as yesterday.. so come on people.. please help with raising the donations.

I hope more of you can support my “Mo” growth by donating (even if it is just £1 / $1 / €1) to the Prostate Cancer charity via my Mo Space at

Until tomorrow…