My not so bushy Movember 2011… Day 30… Recap… & Life

Home, UK          Wednesday 30 November, 2011          5pm GMT

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I’ve not written here for a few days. Sorry guys. I just got busy with some things.. Ok, I know it is not a good enough excuse. I should make time to connect with my readership here, however I didn’t have much to write about… On top of that my “Mo” hasn’t changed much.. So no real update to give there.

Life is such a magical thing isn’t it? At the same time it is so fragile. We go through life gung ho that nothing can happen to us and all of a sudden things happen which make us think…

What has made me think this? Yesterday evening, my little one had a tumble. Thankfully the little one is fine and dandy. Back to being the cheerful self.. letting us know exactly what is wanted and when. Hahah.. Precious. The staff at the local hospital doing thorough checks to give us peace of mind over the six hours spent there.

However when the little one fell, oh man, did that feel painful. It hurt me, a lot. Just imagine how much more pain the mother felt. I can’t even imagine it. Off to hospital we went to get the little one checked out and thankfully all if fine.

What is it that makes us feel the pain of close ones? My father was recently admitted to hospital and it worries me. He has been admitted a few times in the past couple of years. I also remember a time when my sister suddenly fainted while standing and talking to us. We were abroad at the time and she wasn’t feeling too well and she suddenly fainted. Luckily I caught her but it was a scary moment.. trying to revive her and she would not respond. Thankfully we could call on some very good doctors and all turned out well.

Now I care about the next human being as much as I do about myself… It is one of the reasons I do things like Movember. However I understand the difficulty in feeling pain for people we do not know or have not met. It is only when we come across someone who is suffering from an ailment that it makes us think. I have had family members who have suffered with cancer, some who have had scares. Coming across people in A&E last night it makes one aware that there are others who are going through pain.

How do we ‘feel’ for others? How do we keep that feeling alive so that we may continue helping them? I do believe that we should help our fellow brethren whether they are family or not. Are we as a society doing enough? I know that our own lives takes over, so what would give us the impetus to do more for others? Any ideas? Anyone?

I was able to raise more for Movember last year compared to this one. Only £150 so far instead of the 8 times as much last year. On this point I keep wondering what I had done or not done… what is the reason the funds raised this year are low compared to last year? How should I have done things differently? When I do this next year, why do I need to do to ensure I raise more funds?

So, today is the last day of Movember 2011 and  I have learnt a lot about my facial hair and how my moustache grows and what type I can grow and what type I really can’t.

Here is the “Mo” from today..

One thing is for certain.. I can not grow a bushy “Mo”. Ha! I have baldy bits in it too and I have been messing with different lighting to get the best effect in a photo. Oh dear..


Anyway, there is still time to donate to the cause. You may donate tomorrow or in the coming week too via my “Mo Space”.

It isn’t too late.. please donate (even if it is just £1 / $1 / €1) to the Prostate Cancer charity via my Mo Space at

And below is a pictorial recap of my participation in Movember 2011 where you can see how I charted the journey from clean shaven through grizzly and onto well.. I dunno what you would call the style… En Guarde! Hahaha. Starting with 1 November, then on 15 November starting to show both sides of the face until 24 November and the final two pics are from today.