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Right folks. Time for me to breath some new life into this blog. The feeling of wanting to write again has returned after a hiatus of exactly 65 weeks. Well, I have tried to write within those 65 weeks but never got to finish any of the articles. They are still sitting there as drafts.

I don’t know about anyone else, however for me, writing has to flow… my fingers need to do the talking. A direct connection from my brain through my fingers and on to the keyboard. Tap tap tap, tappety tap. If I get a flash of inspiration, I have to write it immediately. I write in the moment. Once the moment has passed, that’s it. The flow has gone…. finished… poof.. in a puff of smoke.

It is for exactly this reason that I am writing at this hour.

What would my readership like to see me write about? I do have some ideas of some articles for the coming days and as I get back in to the flow, I will definitely get more ideas. However if there is anything in particular you would like me to write abut, I will see what I can do.. so please do let me know.

For now I bid y’all a good night.

Love, as always….

5 Replies to “Resuscitate…”

  1. I’m far worse than you… I’ve written hundreds of blog posts and articles over the years that I never even bother to publish. Anyhow, hope life is good for you 🙂 Cheers – Mark

    1. The ones I have written and still in draft.. some of them are actually completed and ready to go. However I no longer want to publish them. Is it the same with you or you just haven;t got round to publishing them? Al good thanks.. and you?

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