Women should be celebrated

South Essex Apple Link, UK          International Women’s Day, 2013          10pm GMT

Even in this day and age, women suffer hardship, harassment, discrimination, disrespect…
yet they face it with courage and nothing stops them… they are unique and blessed with a great capacity to love.

Empowerment to women.

Happy Women’s Day.

I truly believe in the above.

Some things – some extremely horrific – came to light in the past year. Shameful. How can human beings be so barbaric? How can men be so barbaric? What right do some men have to treat women in the way they do? It was a woman who carried the man in her womb for nine whole months before going through the excruciatingly painful process of giving birth to that man…

Even without the barbaric events, women still seem to be treated like second class citizens – no equality. Why? Why have men taken it upon themselves to be the spokesperson for the whole of humanity? What caused society to deem women to be less than men?

However before totally ripping the characteristics of men to shreds, what surprises me the most is some women who take the
idea of women being lesser than men to the next level. Instead of sticking up for someone in the sisterhood, a woman with strong characteristics is seen to be a threat! This is stupid.

I have heard women talk about other (stronger in ideals and characteristics) women in a tone that is disturbing. They call those women feminists… but it is said in a way that is a slur. Feminism in modern usage tends to be a term for a man-hater (by men and women) or someone that is ruining women’s standing in society (by women).

Why? I simply do not get it.

For me, feminism is all about equality… about women’s liberation. For far too long, women have been trodden on, not given the recognition they deserve, not given the real respect they deserve… by men. Why are some women perpetuating this? Why are some women not helping other women or supporting them?

This is something that we all need to wake up to. It doesn’t matter whether you are male or female, we should all respect and support one another regardless of gender.

To all mothers, grandmothers, sisters, female cousins, aunties, nieces, wives, female friends, girlfriends, partners… my salute to you for the extremely important role you play in society and the fulfilment you bring to those around you, for the love, warmth and compassion that comes naturally to you. Not forgetting my utmost respect and love to you all.

Happy Women’s Day.