The second coming…

Atlanta, GA, USA            9 October, 2010     10.20am EST

Hello again everyone!

It has been over a year since my original blog disappeared due to a sabotage on my company’s systems – what a nightmare that turned out to be – and with all the rebuilding of the network infrastructure and rebuilding the business, my personal life had to take a bit of a back seat… so the blog, although not forgotten was put on hold.

However, I am really itching to write again. So much has happened in the past year and a bit, and I have various thoughts that I need to put down onto ‘virtual’ paper… so this weekend, whilst sitting in my hotel in Atlanta, I reinstalled WordPress…

Unfortunately, my previous blog backups disappeared too in the sabotage and so I only have the original content I wrote and none of the wonderful comments that correspondents contributed with.

There were not that many posts anyway, considering I started the blog four months prior to the sabotage. However I will be ‘re-posting’ those blog articles over the coming days, and will then start on new content.. so please bear with me.

But first, some sightseeing in this place that is also known as Hotlanta!

Back soon… my love, as always, to all of you.