The First One

As originally posted in 2009:

Manchester, UK     1 March, 2009     2.30am BST

I finally succumbed!

For years I stayed away from blogging… not knowing why I would want to write one… did not know what I would write. However the past few weeks I had a nagging feeling of wanting to start a blog. What would I write though? I still had no idea.

I mulled it over. I did not want to write about geeky stuff or anything to do with technology, but then what would be so wrong about that anyway? OK, I could write about geeky stuff, but not all the time. I then began thinking about writing on topics I somehow related with a web site I started a while ago and put together in half a day and never got round to finishing –

I simply could not make up my mind and the nagging feeling of needing to start a blog just grew by the day. Then yesterday, my mum told me about a dream she had. That was it. I knew I would talk about anything and everything I wanted to, and I would start by narrating her dream. Quite sweet actually.

Now, anyone who knows me, understands that I have been using the Internet for nearly 20 years. Some would call it my hobby, some would call it my career, I have always called it an accessory to my lifestyle. But anyway, suffice to say that although my parents do not use the Internet, they have known about this tool, this facility for the past 20 years.

Some readers will know that I had been feeling a bit under the weather recently. I tend not to tell my parents if I am feeling unwell as they worry too much. So as I was coming out of my recent flu, I happened to inform my mum that I had been a bit unwell but was now OK. Yesterday she told me about her recent dream… and it goes like this:


My parents were at my mum’s cousin’s house in Bengaluru (formerly known as Bangalore) in India. Her cousin and his wife are both officers in the Indian Air Force and both are very tech savvy and heavily into their Internet stuff. My auntie, for example, seems to always be available on Instant Messaging. So she turns to my mum and asks if she would like to see D (ie, me – as I will refer to myself as D in my blog when referred to by others) on the Internet. My mum having been worried about me being ill and not having seen me since New Years Day replies in the affirmative.

The webcam switches on and they see me on my side.. not at the computer, but in bed, all wrapped up in my duvet. They call out to me but I am asleep. So, my mum ‘walks’ into the screen and ends up at my side! She starts talking to me, asking me what I have eaten, what I have drank, tells me off for not looking after myself and so on.

I notice the time and decide to get up. I tell her I need to do this, that, the other and get out of bed. She scolds me and tells me that I should be looking after myself whilst I am ill and the work can wait, but I insist that things need to be done and jump out of bed. She tells me that I should go back to bed and she is not going to leave me until I get better and she will look after me.

I tell her that she can not stay with me all the time because she has to go back through the Internet connection before nightfall. She is surprised at this and did not realise there was such a rule and decides she will stay and look after me until the evening and then go back through the Internet connection to Bengaluru… and return in the morning!


Now, when she told me about the dream, at first I thought it was funny.. I still do.. but the more I thought about it, I realised how sweet it was.. in that even in her sleep, my mum is thinking about me, caring about me. I guess children never grow up for their parents, even when they have been married for over a decade like myself… I am so lucky to share my life with them.

Until next time… my love to all…

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